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Next Station

by Marco De Angelis

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Freewill 06:49
Freewill Crazy dreamer, that's the way they're used to call you 'cause your free will fills their life with fear Make it happen don't be fooled by Doom & Kismet Your being, dear friend, ain't in our Stars Climb the summit of the mountain. Prove yourself. You are right If you fail don't quit the game, the more you try the closer you are to a win Dream on, Live on. We're what we choose to be Don't be worried - Just break free Freewill Freewill Wanna free my soul Wanna gotta let you know Fold back your wings, I'm the Fate you can't control Don't try to make plans. I disagree Fallen Angels, warning for your restless soul Free will exists only as a Sin So you are so sure to be the painter of your own life That's the rope I firmly hold, the more you try the more I tighten it Even when you go for the things I want you to buy Don't be sorry. Just join in Sweet screaming voices keep on fighting inside the human being Promoting their God & Goods as the one and only Sirens TV network, broadcasts commercials promising free, or nearly, daily manna of happiness And discounted Paradise's weekend tickets Could you ask for more? Believing in them would make life easier Though far more boring. Wouldn't it Mr. Captain?
Keep Going 06:17
Keep Going Change alone is eternal Perpetual, Immortal Taking nothing for granted It's the only way to live Mix the pieces of your life With the pledges from her lovely eyes Trusting it will work out fine, but it's just not a matter of shaking up the box right The only thing you have to do is... Keep going. You gotta keep Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. You gotta keep Keep going. Keep going. You gotta keep going. Keep going, no mater where you are Sometimes I feel as if nothing's really happened It's all like a dream, where nothing last for long. Isn't it? How did I get here? Somewhere between the light and dark 'Cause I haven't got a clue, there must be something that went wrong if you are reading these lines, yeah The countless faces I've met Keep on changing their mindset People move along unforeseeable paths, away from here, so... The only thing I've got to do is... Keep going Keep going Keep going. Keep going Keep going. Keep going You gotta keep going
A Proggy Night In London Sitting on a bus, here I am Old memories in my ears They saw me growing up It looks like home to me, here I am Redolent streets my mind has already walked through I almost recognize them People get on and off this crowded stage They play their part with no sound at all It's like a silent ritual dance Do they notice me? I can't tell 'Till someone's eyes meet mine He looks at me as through a mirror A shiver down my spine Who is who? But in no time he gets off into the street I follow him It's a very simple step to take but I feel like I'm moving in slow motion An endless moment, 'till my feet touch the ground A multicolour subtle fog wraps the streets Everything looks unreal but familiar It's like as if I fell down the rabbit hole People move around me in chaotic order Bright, shining, acid minds Some stand all alone among a hundred staring eyes Some gathered together in bands In a whirl of lapels, cuffs, sleeves, hems, ties and collars A Quant Collection walks this boulevard And the dusk spreads around its colours Revealing the coming of a new mid-summer night The city wears its glowing, alluring dress I'm dragged by a kind of human flood There is no pain or fear, rather a pleasant swing When a hand takes me away from this peaceful wave I meet my Double's eyes again Just the time to spot a hint of a smile upon his face and suddenly he moves away But looks like he wants me to follow him I yield to my mysterious Guide's will There is something strange in the way I move It's like a kind of magic. I am sliding instead of walking A sailor on an imaginary boat, where no rudder steers the way and keeps being driven on by a hidden will above an emerald haze Along Old Father Thames' banks some familiar faces turn lyrics into real life Each time I slow down like a tourist bus a character I have sung for so long waves at me And every time I stop the crowd growes bigger Joining the procession, strolling behind my virtual boat They make me feel a part of this surreal Parade The last stop must have been Forest Road The remains of a battle are still on the ground Astonished, doubting my own sight I think this trip will drive me insane Sketches of memorys blend with fantasy and nothing is but what is not A strange, warm wind comes arising now At the first light of dawn They march like a disciplined platoon after the right drill command The fog thickens at Southbank That's where they're heading And row upon row they disappear accompanied by a marching drum It's all clear now, here I am Where everything began It's all clear now, here I am Strolling through the past I'm alone now, or so it seems My Double should be somewhere around here "Hello" cries a voice in the tide. I turn my head and... He stands upon the water and looks at me with different eyes "Did you enjoy the show?" he says with an ironic tone of voice A question is my answer Is that a dream? I've got bats in the belfry? "Oh no, no you... you ain't away with the fairies That's the world you'd like to live in The dream to be dreamed The show to play in But it's all gone now. Lost in the past People, bands, dreams and passions are all old toys forgotten in the attic" and smiling at me, he sinks into The River's waters Into The River's waters A voice takes me back to where I was "22 to P.C." Sitting on a bus, here I am Old memories in my ears They saw me growing up Sitting on a bus, here I am I swear I see something flying high above four chimneys Would you believe it?
Back Again 07:25
Back Again Dream on *dream on* worn-out heart of mine Don't let the darkness hide away your sun again Wait for that glimmer of light on the horizon Sometimes the light can be so hard to find You should know, my friend Coming back home where your past lives have shape, smell, colours and tears Is not the same as never leaving It's just like a necessary cure, a merciful poison To fill this emptiness Turning back the wheel to the faded frames of the happiest days When reality hurts and the strength bleeds......well... I'm back again Each time I'm down on my knees In the darkest of my days, days of my life I unfold the sails of a boat with no name And set the prow towards Ithaca's docks My mind is full of memories gathering dust *Ashes to ashes - dust to dust* Some cold as a razor blade Some warm me up like a midnight hug But all are kept inside crystal displays They stand in lines like marble gravestones in a neglected memorial It's like an abandoned museum In a desert land "Welcome back home" says a ripped banner waving on the crumbled facade There's no ticket at the door, no visitors, no guests The sound of footsteps would frighten you away But...It's home to me
Next Station 13:20
Next Station We all search for happines It's what we all always do From the first breath that we take, 'till the last tear we'll cry You might think it's the best kept secret Hidden under lock and key, a big deep hole to dig A place, a thought, a state of mind A shining gem as good as gold But all that glitters ain't gold New day New life New pain Next station on my road New night New love New lie Next station on my road New God and faith New Evil to blame New ark Next station on my road New birth New eyes New joy Next station on my road By the waterside, a distant look inside my eyes Standing by the shore, an unknown ocean ahead of me The dawn of a new ribirth will last as long as a breath Blink of an eye will find you at the starting line again In a growing circular breeze My armor has worn out thin Showing a new slice of life cut through the skin But it still might drag me down There's no right or wrong, nowhere to hide Switch off the light, 'till you see in the dark To spot it in the landscape, with your eyes closed Driven by your own mistakes. Unlearn the fake folk's rules And then... You'll find yourself wondering: "How long have I got?" All your love and passion won't be roots for a growing tree The last leaf is turning brown And your time is running low It's your turn to cry Roy's tears There's no one ahead of you in the row New day New life New pain Next station on my road New night New love New lie Next station on my road New God and faith New Evil to blame New ark Next station on my road New birth New eyes New joy Last station on my road
Last Train 05:48
Last Train Some red wispy clouds, slipping over a light blue sky A blazing sunset is about to be staged A new night, a new day A face on the wall, wants me to fly away, away from here There's a brand new life waiting for me, somewhere else ...so it says Should I stand right here and let my just sprouted roots grow stronger? Should I lie down on this comfortable bench pleased with the things that I have? Get on the last train and run away? I wonder why here I wonder why now I wonder why you The right place to stay The right time to go The right one for me So many different roads Don't know how to choose from them Nowhere to go but everywhere The rails seem to have no end They are leading my thoughts through the setting sun Beyond the horizon, somewhere, somehow Will they take me there? Where I could be a stranger again Will they take me there? A stranger again. Even to myself And I know this feeling I've had it before I can't part with it I can't part with it


Four years after his first solo CD "The River - Both sides of the story" has been released and widely accepted by critics and international audiences,
Italian solo artist Marco De Angelis releases his new work "Next Station".

The new album, consisting of 6 songs all written, arranged and performed by the Italian musician and producer, is enriched by the collaboration of
prestigious vocalists as Nad Sylvan (Steve Hackett Band, Agents of Mercy), Robbie Wyckoff (Roger Waters Band), Göran Edman (Karmakanic, Yngwie Malmsteen)
and one of the most sought-after drummer in Italy, Cristiano Micalizzi.

Confirming the "guitar oriented" style that has already characterized the previous CD, "Next Station" keeps on moving into the territories
of Progressive / Art-Rock music, exploring its various facets, and taking the listener through textures made of intricate, but at the same time,
sophisticated musical paths as well as some catching melodies and lyrics.
All of that with its own style, but still paying homage to atmospheres and moods by musicians and bands who have made history of this genre.

Enjoy the journey towards the Next Station!

Progradar (UK)
...I’l cut straight to the chase here, you’d best open that bottle of red you were saving for a special occasion as ‘Next Station’ is it. A collection of songs that are more than that, it’s a captivating and involving musical journey led by a musician at the absolute zenith of his career. I think Marco De Angelis, joined by a stellar cast of musical guests, has just delivered the performance of his life!

Progcritique (FRA)
...Un vrai régal pour les oreilles que ce « Next Train » , au final la dernière publication de Marco De Angelis constitue un excellent album où les amoureux de rock progressif bien ficelé et hyper léché y trouveront leur compte, cinq étoiles bien méritées.

Profilprog (CAN)
...Pour rédiger une chronique, il va sans dire qu’il faut écouter un album encore et encore. Mais je me suis surpris à le faire jouer souvent pour le pur plaisir de la musique qu’on y trouve et je sais que je le ferai de nouveau.

Neoprog (FRA)
...Si comme moi, à travers les centaines d’albums progressifs qui paraissent chaque année, vous espérez benoitement L’ALBUM, celui qui vous comblera tant par ses compositions que par ses partis pris musicaux et leurs interprétations, alors, avec “Next Station“, nul doute que nous tenons cet oiseau rare ! Marco De Angelis bâtit un pont musical entre notre cher rétro prog et nos groupes de “classic prog“ favoris récents ou anciens sur des arches musicales originales qui en laisseront plus d’un sur le cul! La grande classe Monsieur Marco De Angelis

...Sa za to liczne wyrafinowane sciezki muzyczne, a takze chwytajace za serce melodie i teksty. Jest sentyment do minionych czasów i miejsc, jest niepowtarzalny klimat i jest przez caly czas unoszaca sie w powietrzu szlachetna progrockowa aura. W dodatku wszystko to wykonane jest przez De Angelisa i spólke z zachowaniem wlasnego oryginalnego stylu, lecz takze z naleznym szacunkiem i holdem dla klimatów znanych z plyt czolowych muzyków i zespolów progresywno-rockowego gatunku, którzy przed laty tworzyli jego historie.
Nie pozostaje nam nic innego, jak wsiasc do tego muzycznego pociagu, wlaczyc te wspaniala plyte i cieszyc sie ta wyjatkowa podróza do szesciu muzycznych stacji.

The progressive rock files (CAN)
...To my mind De Angelis really has a gift for composing and constructing modern symphonic prog that appeals to my ear. He hits all the right notes as these six compositions display everything I like about the genre, mixing acoustic and electric, rock and symphonics and everything else. Need I say more? This is an unexpectedly stellar follow-up and I highly recommend you check out Next Station. It’s a winner.

Rock Area (POL)
...Delikatna, wysmakowana i piekna to plyta. Umiescilbym ja w tej samej lidze, co tak wykwintne muzyczne produkcje, jak chociazby plyty Fish On The Friday, czy Lifesings.

Xymphonia (NLD)
...Zo horen we in de relatief kortere stukken (die bijna allemaal boven de zes minuten klokken) nu ook de catchy elementen van bands als Mr. Mister en World Trade en komt in het bijna kwartier lange "A Proggy Night In London" een modern kijk op het oude Genesis om de hoek kijken. En ja, ook Pink Floyds erfenis, inclusief solowerk van Gilmour en Waters, heeft nog steeds invloed op De Angelis. Toch weet hij zijn eigen creativiteit duidelijk naar voren te brengen.
Zo is de productie uiterst helder en gedetailleerd en geven gastzangers Nad Sylvan, Robbie Wyckoff (uit de Roger Waters Band!) en Göran Edman de hun toebedeelde songs een eigen karakter.

Blog de Pacho (FRA)
...A travers l'ensemble de Next Station, Marco De Angelis laisse percer la modernité de son savoir-faire et son goût pour le bon prog d’antan.
Comme l'emblématique Big Big Train, Marco De Angelis, artiste de qualité, représente brillamment l’état d’esprit d'une partie de cette nouvelle scène progressive, à la fois fiévreusement changeante et diablement enracinée !
GFreedom (GRE)
Speaking for myself, I consider Next Station as a step forward in comparison with The River, in almost everything.
This is a serious and well-made piece of work. Give it a try!

Luigi Viva (il Sussidiario) (ITA)
...Album di impatto, da ascoltare con attenzione per percepire l’eccellente ricamo di suoni e strumenti. Raccomandato a tutti gli appassionati di prog.

Progplanet (CYP)
...This is, without doubt, an album that requires intense concentration because even though there are plenty of up-front melodic moments to enjoy during the six tracks, there is just so much going on underneath that it is impossible absorb everything in one go, typical of course of any good music. Many subsequent spins of the CD are therefore necessary otherwise you will miss out on the intricacies and subtleties of the various guitar elements which burst out in different guises during the course of play and these together with a fascinating wash of keyboard and other stringed instrumental accompaniments, which do start to evolve to the fore, after sequential airings. It is clear that the direction of the project, when viewed throughout the entire album, points towards it being a preverbal guitar masterclass which embraces a complete cross section of guitar playing styles.
An extremely enjoyable progressive rock venture


released December 15, 2017

All songs written and arranged by: MDA
Lyrics by: MDA
--- --- --- ---
Recorded at: Soundtrack Studio; The Crypt; Eurock Studio
Mixed at: D:PoT Recording Arts Studio
Mix Engineer: Fabrizio "Simoncia" Simoncioni
Assistant Mix Engineer: Marco Romanelli, Matteo Niccolai
Mastered at Metropolis Studios - London: Tim Young


all rights reserved



Marco De Angelis Rome, Italy

Italian solo artist, songwriter, musician, audio engineer, record producer.
Started his musical journey when he was 10 and puts for the very first time his hands on a musical instrument. Since that day he gained a wide experience in musical instruments field, from acoustic/ethno to last generation electronic gear. He is one of the few Italian Chapman Stick player. Plays guitar, bass and keyboards. ... more

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